Catch and Release only

Tightlines Tennessee is a catch and release only fly fishing charter that prides itself on safe handling of all fish species that they encounter. While on the water proper handling techniques are one of key aspects of fly fishing we wish to impart on all of our clients. Whether we are fishing for trout, bass, musky, or even carp we strive to keep the fish healthy to fight for another day.


equipment provided

Tightlines Tennessee provides all terminal tackle for every angler meaning fly rods, reels, leaders, flies, etc. Due to the variance in sizing we cannot provide waders and boots for all clients wishing to wade and walk. If you wish to pursue this style of fishing we highly recommend  you invest in your own gear and we can help direct you to local establishments that can help to outfit you. Full day trips will be accompanied by a stream side meal, please let us know of any food allergies.



Your safety while on the water is of the utmost importance to us. During times of high water output your guide may ask you to wear your PFD during your trip. In colder weather please bring a change of clothes, your guide will provide a dry bag to store them in. If you have any allergies please let your guide know before your leave for your trip. Have fun and be safe!