Tightlines Tennessee

About us

Tightlines Tennessee is owned and operated by Drew "Twigs" Beeler based just north of Nashville in Hendersonville, TN. Growing up Drew's father was an avid fly fisherman and had both Drew and his younger brother backpacking and fishing throughout Tennessee. After college he fulfilled a lifelong dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail earning the nickname "Twigs" from his tall and slender build. While on the trail some friends purchased a tenkara rod and after returning to the normal world fly fishing became a way of life. The next few years saw Drew travelling throughout the southeast and even as far west as Colorado competing in amateur mountain bike races, and the fly rod was always along for the trip. After one particular trip to Colorado the mountain bike took a back seat to the fishing rod. A boat was purchased, and suddenly almost every free moment was spent venturing to new places in search of fish. Drew has spent the last few years focusing on learning everything possible about local waterways and how to be the most effective fisherman in each situation. He found that as he spent more time on the water he enjoyed teaching friends, family, and even complete strangers what flies were most effective in certain situations, how drag effects the presentation of their fly, or even how to cast. His goal is to use the years of experience in various situations to provide the most productive day possible for each of his clients. Through years of experience in various places throughout the United States chasing a multitude of species on the fly rod Drew has gained the experience necessary to make your next trip a success. Whether you are a first time fly fisher or a lifelong enthusiast let us help you to have the best trip of your life!



I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Drew "Twigs" Beeler